• Update #11: Hunting boards, custom battlegrounds (disabled for now)

    Added hunting boards based on iRO. They can be found in Comodo, Geffen, Hugel, Juno, Lighthalzen, Payon, Prontera, and Umbala. They should show up as a + on your minimap. For killing 150 of a monster, you gain extra...

    March 4th, 2018
  • Maintenance #47 Update

    Today's maintenance fixes a few miscellaneous issues: Fix a client crash related to the new client in Battlegrounds, which was causing people to get marked as a deserter. Fixed job level...

    August 23rd, 2019
  • Update #18: Heal reverted to old formula, spelling fixes

    Reverted Heal to use the old formula, based on base level + int, not MATK based. Here are some representative values of before and after (level 10 heal on self, and on Orc Zombie): level 17 / 1 int unarmed: 95...

    April 30th, 2018
  • Maintenance #55: Winter Events Update

    Winter Prontera Winter holidays are here this month, and to celebrate, we have brought winter to Prontera. Enjoy the snow! Winter Event Across Rune-Midgard there are many holiday themed monsters, such...

    December 6th, 2019
  • Maintenance #41: Drop rates increased to 5x! July/August WoE changes Update

    TitanRO now has 5x drop rates, up from 3x! We are still using a custom drop rate formula which is based on rolling 5 times to get the item from a given monster, rather than a direct multiplier. For rare drop...

    July 5th, 2019
  • Maintenance #48: King of Emperium Update

    King of Emperium For our September WoE rotation we are running the King of Emperium mode! King of Emperium plays similar to regular War of Emperium except faster paced, without the castle. For this map...

    September 6th, 2019